We try to be a strong player in the global amusement game industry. The games developed and created by us always give joy to game players. Komuse will continue to innovate, and challenge itself to develop valuable and reliable games in order to contribute to increasing customer benefits.

Our will make constant efforts to ensure a better tomorrow for partners and employees.

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  • 01R&D

    Performs all R&D processes from planning, development, testing, and production of amusement games in order to turn the ideas into products. Works to acquire new technology and create innovative, market-leading games. "Key Master," "Pixel Chase" and "Power Roll" are our proud results.

  • 02Manufacturing

    Our workers have special skill and knowledge to build amusement game machines. Most of them have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Long term relationship with reliable raw material supply chains and part manufacturers is able to produce high-quality and reliable games.

  • 03Overseas Sales

    Sells our games worldwide, competing with the world's leading developers. Works closely with customers focusing on their needs to make the products they want in their local market.

  • 04Domestic Sales

    Contributes to the development of Korean Amusement industry by distributing games leading the Korean market. Operates our own brand arcade.

  • 05New business trial

    Famigo and ComfynEasy are the sister company of Komuse. We create new business with experiences, technology and ideas obtained from the amusement industry.